Disclosure of Contingent Liabilities from Companies at Bmf&Fbovespa


With the new accounting standards seeks a rapprochement between the financial and management accounting, one of the items that allow that approach is the disclosure of contingencies. This study aims to identify whether companies most traded on the BM&FBOVESPA meet the provisions of CPC 25 regarding the disclosure of contingent liabilities. This is a research of quantitative approach and descriptive about the objectives. The results indicate that companies disclose lawsuits related primarily to causes tax, civil and labor, with less disclosure of environmental contingencies. As for the items requested by CPC 25, there is greater attention to the description of nature, estimates of the financial effect, measurement criteria and uncertainties related to values and date of occurrence. In correlations, there was a higher attendance by the Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Finance and Insurance, Chemicals and Energy, and inverse correlation to companies with more liquidity. Conclude that the noticeable difference from one company to another in describing the nature of the contingencies is possible to see that many companies still do not disclose information with the best quality and expressing reality.

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