xAudit: Audit Representation on XBRL-based Docs


Most of business documents are presented to governments and regulators in computer language (such as XBRL). Conversely, the occurrence of financial frauds is increasing worldwide, which already represents a billion-dollar loss. Even though XBRL technologies disclosure financial data and their accounting semantics, financial audit techniques (that become these data more trustable) are not storage or recorded in the XBRL taxonomies. Objective: This work proposes a way to represent and storage those audit techniques in current XBRL taxonomies, even though this features was not foreseen in XBRL version 2.1. Method: A solution has been built based on XBRL definitions, Generic Links specification and MathML. Result: An audit representation has been built in a real-world XBRL taxonomy in order to show the way to develop this new feature in current XBRL-based business documents. Conclusion: Audit representation in current XBRL document is possible, which one guide financial systems how to identify which techniques have been applied against a specific XBRL document and a way to validate it.